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Time For Change…

After much consideration I have decide that a picture only website doesn’t work.  Plus I do not want to focus only on the bad of the city.  I feel the city has a ton of good to offer.  Don’t get me wrong.  If I see a danger no matter whose house or business I will still post it.  This is to keep the city that I love and grew up in clean and safe.  The new format will have Photos, articles and stories I feel that are need from my point of view of course.  Please know I will only report the truth.  I am not into a bunch of slander or name calling or leaning to one side or the other.


Thank you for your continued support,


Happy Birthday America!!!

Red, White and Boom

Red, White and Boom

Happy Birthday America you are 235 years old!  Great Job Cape Coral for putting on and getting sponsors for

a great Red, White and Boom Event.






Trailers and RV’s not permitted, but boats are okay?

These are Boats For Sale. Well at least the parts.

These are Boats For Sale. Well at least the parts.Trailers and RV’s banned, Boats Okay?






One Wall Homes

One Wall Home

One Wall Home

Check out how clean my house is?

Saftey First!

Boat On Blocks

Boat On Blocks

The City of Cape Coral finds it safe to put boats on blocks.  What do you think?